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Virginity Lost – An Online Booking Fiasco

Ever had fun making a flight booking on a website, or an app or with an actual human person?  Particularly an offshore actual human person. I had some frustrating fun today doing just that.  Hope you enjoy listening more than I did actually making the booking.

By the way, in this instance it’s Virgin, but it could be any airline and with respect to my Filipino agent – you did your best.  Thanks….David


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I will kill you, she said, for I am God!


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David and John Ayliffe

John: My brother drifts away
It seems at St Michael’s there is a lot of goings on about our evil world, and casting out of devils. It is being touted as the only way of getting into heaven for those possessed.

The trouble is: it isn’t kosher, is not Anglican dogma and apparently most churchgoers agree. My little brother is out on a limb, with a Minister who has gone mad and a woman who says she is Christ.

It is bizarre!

So begins David Ayliffe’s 16 years of enslavement to the destructive cult called the ‘Zion Full Salvation Ministry’ and to ‘the Woman’, Violet Pryor, who rants:

If you ever leave me, I will kill you!

“God has informed me that the Lord’s Anointed is the chosen one and the purpose of the endtime ministry is to prepare the Bride for the coming of the Bridegroom.…The Father has also issued a confirmation: do not by-pass the Woman!’

Psychological pain, drama, control and secrecy: all were trade marks of Zion.  Friend was set against friend, families deliberately broken up, and assets appropriated. But as David, the insider, interlaces his journey with John, his brother on the outside, a strange thing happens. The two brothers re-discover each other in a way that belies their early separation, and the tale of horror becomes one of enduring love and true redemption.

Published by John Garratt Publishing

Fiona Farley is the name we have used for a member of Zion Full Salvation Ministry who received particularly bizarre treatment from the paranoid Violet Pryor when she feared exposure for her exclusive claims when Fiona’s husband said he was not a believer.  The real Fiona sent David a note after she read the book that included her story.  The letter is here:

7th October 2009

Dearest David,

Read your book.  Overwhelmed by your honesty and openness.

Cried, laughed, agreed, hurt, prayed and cringed.  Was sad, hopeful and encouraged.
Better than what you read to me over the phone some time ago.
Well done David.  You were very brave to undertake this book (the journey – again!)
Has it helped you?  It’s helped me.  Thank you!
Recognised all the ‘hidden’ people of course.  Your desire not to inflict any more pain is evident. Bless you.
My prayers and love to you and your family.
‘He has turned my mourning into dancing..’  I pray this for you.

God’s best – love LW (Fiona)

ISBN: 9781920721923
August 2009
RRP: $34.95
GOODSECTS PRICE: $15.00 (from the authors)
Format: Paperback
Trim Size: 140mm x 210mm
Page Count: 296

Your Experience
We need your experience of good or bad sects!

Whether it’s a sporting group, political party or a church – we all need Good Sects. The trouble is that not every group is good.

In Christian faith groups, it seems that there are too many people who have been hurt by spiritual abuse of one kind or another.  There are far more people in the community who will not enter churches because of their experience or the experience of family and friends. Many abandon faith altogether.

The good and bad experiences extend to para church organisations as well. Organisations motivated by Christian ethos should be the best run and most ethical in all their actions. Sadly, this is not always so.  Again, please share your good and bad experiences on this site of para church organizations as well.

The Administrator reserves the right to modify or remove blogs where publication may violate Australian law.  The site does not necessarily endorse material published on our webpages.

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Hello world!

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